Trax is built to save you money.

At Trax, we tackle tough terrain.

Our equipment is built for navigating uncertain environments—from muskeg to tailings ponds, and from ice roads to swamps, ponds and rivers. If you have impassable ground and a short work season—talk to Trax. We will change the way you do business.


Trax Amphibious Excavators

Amphibious Excavators

Trax specializes in amphibious excavators built on high torque traveling pontoons that ensure strong driving force, low ground pressure and high maneuverability.

Trax Traditional Excavators

Standard Equipment

Trax was originally created to build standard excavators, skidsteers and other equipment. We can put together the exact machine you need, at a price that works for you.

Why us?

We have the equipment

Amphibious Excavators, Amphibious Trucks, Traditional Excavators

Safety and Training

Our safety and education programs are key to running Trax machines as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Service and Maintenance

Our regular maintenance program ensures your machines will run at optimum efficiency.


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