Trax machines already work smarter in the energy, agriculture, construction, forestry, municipal government and mining sectors.

About Trax

Trax is built to save you money. We specialize in machines that float, which will reduce your costs by changing the way you work. We’re efficient, which will save you time. And we’re capable, which means we will evolve to suit your needs.

Our tough equipment takes on uncertain terrain every day—from muskeg to tailings ponds, and from ice roads to swamps, ponds and rivers. Our low ground pressure is an added benefit for remediation and reclamation work. And our machines are an alternative to the “same old, same old.”

We have the equipment

Amphibious Excavators, Amphibious Trucks, Traditional Excavators

Safety and Training

Our safety and education programs are key to running Trax machines as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Service and Maintenance

Our regular maintenance program ensures your machines will run at optimum efficiency.

Trax machines are practical, smart and efficient—and built to last. Each machine is manufactured to specifications with input from our engineering department, which means it’s built for the kind of work you need to do.

Imagine working in Canada’s north. Or on a sewer lagoon in a remote municipality. You know that access is a problem. You know that there are issues with ground stability. You know there are sensitivities related to environmental impact. And you are ready to try something new.

Amphibious technologies “work smarter” by building efficiencies in a changing world. Shorter winters mean we need new solutions. Let our advanced amphibious equipment—from excavators to carrier trucks—be part of your work plan.

Trax Amphibious Excavators

Amphibious Excavators

Trax specializes in amphibious excavators built on high torque traveling pontoons that ensure strong driving force, low ground pressure and high maneuverability.

Trax Traditional Excavators

Standard Equipment

Trax was originally created to build standard excavators, skidsteers and other equipment. We can put together the exact machine you need, at a price that works for you.

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